Regulating banking and financial sector in China and Switzerland

Exchanges of views on the banking and financial sector between China and Switzerland are of special significance.  This is for instance established by the fourth round of the financial dialogue between the two countries which took place on November 24, 2016 in Geneva; high-ranking representatives of the financial market authorities and the central banks insisted on the expansion of bilateral cooperation in this field. At the academic level, this important cooperation could first be realized thanks to scholarly exchanges. Professor Christian BOVET, the former dean of the law faculty of Université de Genève, has been very much involved in developing the contacts between the two Universities. In the fall 2015, Prof. GUO Rui, associate professor at Renmin University of China School of Law ("RUC"), visited the University of Geneva. Prof. THEVENOZ, who also serves as  the Geneva's Centre for Banking and Financial Law's executive director,is willing to offer a course on banking law to RUC students. The project will also organize a joint conference. Teaching and scientific exchange of views would then naturally lead to joint research projects.

  • UNIGE Faculty of Law
    • Prof. Christian Bovet
    • Prof. Luc Thévenoz
  • Renmin School of Law
    • Prof. GUO Rui